Religious art

Religious sculpture and painting


This room looks like a chapel. There are sculptures, paintings, and works made of rich metals such as gold and silver.

One of the most important works is the Virgin of the Artichoke. The Virgin is on a table which has sculptures of ivory and wood.

On the sides there are columns with bunches of grapes. The columns are supported by two angels. There are two angels flying above the Virgin. Underneath the Virgin there is a tabernacle shaped like the Door of the Assumption of Seville Cathedral.

The Virgin of the Artichoke
The Virgin of the Artichoke

The tabernacle is the place where the communion hosts are kept.

In the room there are also several 17th and 18th century sculptures of Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist made by artists from Juan de Mesa’s school. There is also a sculpture of the Virgin made by an artist from Pedro Duque Cornejo’s school and another sculpture of the archangels Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel who have lost their wings.

There are also paintings such as The Child of the Thorn. The works Infant Jesus and Saint John “Juanito” were painted by José de la Vega Marrugal, a painter of Murillo’s school.

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