Romantic painting in Seville (1830-1860)
Sevillian academic painters

Sevillian painters follow the fashion for Romanticism but some continue to paint as they did in the previous period. The previous period is the Baroque.

Baroque is the artistic style of the 17th and early 18th century.

Murillo was a Baroque painter who had a school of painting in Seville. Many painters copied Murillo's paintings. The artists who imitated Murillo sold a lot of works and earned a lot of money.

Cabral Bejarano or José Roldan sold works to Great Britain. José de la Vega Marrugal copied a painting by Murillo which depicts Santa Justa and Santa Rufina. Contreras Muñoz lived in the 19th century. He painted Murillo’s Fall in the Capuchin convent in Cadiz. Contreras Muñoz entered this painting in a competition held in the Academy of Fine Arts of Cadiz.

Murillo’s Fall
Murillo’s Fall

Antonio Mariano Esquivel and Manuel Cabral Bejarano painted pictures of children in normal situations in their lives and playing pranks

Portraits became the main style of painting. A portrait is the painting of a person. Upper class people had their portraits painted so that their image will last forever.

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