Landscape in Sevillian schools

The painters of the Sevillian schools paint buildings and places in Seville. There are two different styles: Manuel Wssel de Guimbarda stands out in one of these styles. He painted the work Façade of San Telmo. José Arpa Perea stands out in the second style. He painted a work called Triana.

Façade of San Telmo

Gustavo Bacarisas was a very important author during the Ibero-American Exhibition in Seville in 1929. He painted the work Night in the Jewish Quarter. This painting is an example of his use of colours.

The Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929 was a fair where many countries showed their customs.

Manuel García Rodríguez was the painter of the Sevillian School who best represented the landscapes of Seville. He painted many pictures of the Real Alcazar of Seville with many details and great quality.

Gathering in the Alcazar Gardens
Gathering in the Alcazar Gardens

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