Field VI - Sculptures

Field VI - Sculptures

Room 13

Sculpture in Andalusia and Seville is mainly religious. There are other themes like the majos or the Andalusian women portraited by the sculptor Castillo Lastruci.

Marble, gilded bronze and ivory are widely used for sculptures of religious and profane themes. Giovanni Pinotti Cipriani is an Italian artist who is very Good at working with marble scuptures. A. Goij adds gilded bronze to marble sculptures to give them more warmth. Artists use marble in its original colour or polychrome.

Profane means that they are not religious.

Polychrome is a work of art painted with different colours.

Sculptures also use clay throughout the centuries because it cheaper and easier to obtain Themes in clay sculpture are very diverse. They represent religious images, busts or popular scenes.

A bust is a sculpture or painting of the head and the upper part of the human torso.

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