Field V - The landscape in the Sevillian School

Field V - The landscape in the Sevillian School

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Landscapes become an independent genre in the 19th century painting. The influence of Impressionism gives Andalusian painters a taste a taste for painting outdoors and representing the light at different times of the day.

The Alcalá School stands out with the painters Sánchez Perrier and Pinelo, who turn light into the protagonist of their works. García Rodríguez adds characters to the landscapes, courtyards and gardens he paints.

The transition from Romanticism to Realism is clearly visible in landscape painting. Painting nature themes in the open air lead to depictions of the city with a great deal of details. The river ant the Palace of San Telmo are some of the most popular themes. Enrique Roldán was a very outstanding painter in this type of painting.

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