Field IV - Religious art

Field IV - Religious art

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Religious art is the most universal art. Religious painters aim to teach religious themes to people. Sculptors aim to bring religion closer in a more physical, touchable way. The works in these rooms range from the 16th to the 20th century. There are anonymous works from the 16th century Castilian School. There are also sculptures made by Juan Martínez Montañés and Juan de Mesa. These works were created for churches. Over the time, these works were in private homes.

In these rooms we can see different works. There is a reproduction of a chapel, and many sculptures of Jesus Christ. Virgins, archangels y evangelists, complete the collection. It is a diverse selection of works that represents the most significant figures of religious art. Altarpieces, paintings and scultpures have a great artistic quality and their artists use their best techniques.

Archangels are angels of a higher rank.

The Evangelists are the people who wrote the Gospels.

An altarpiece is a work of art that is placed in churches behind the altar and depicts religious scenes.

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