Field III - Costumbrismo

Field III - Costumbrismo

Room 8

Painters travel to Italy to study. They paint Andalusian themes there, such as the fair, bullfighters, or flamenco dancers. They depict popular themes in their paintings with an excellent painting technique.

One of the leading painters is Juan García Ramos. García Ramos uses drawing to narrate the news published in newspapers and magazines. His drawings are full of lessons and sense of humour. Drawings in the press and magazines help to spread and publicise the new themes and techniques of Costumbrismo.

Costumbrismo is an artistic movement that reflects the customs of a country or place.

Other important Costumbrismo painters are Manuel Cabral Bejarano and Rico Cejudo.

The taste for celebrations and popular scenes help Costumbrismo last and last throughout the century. They paint smaller pictures because they were more suitable for sale.

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