Field I - Romantic painting in Seville

Field I - Romantic painting in Seville

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Sevillian painting in the 19th century has two main influences:

  • The Sevillian School of painting.
  • The admiration that foreign painters felt for the popular culture of the city. Foreign painters conveyed this admiration to Sevillian painters.

Romanticism begins in Europe in the 19th century. European Romantic painters are inspired by Spanish and Andalusian customs to create their works.

Romanticism is an artistic and cultural movement that began at the end of the 18th century and is known for its emotional sensitivity.

Painters were no longer interested in religious or mythological themes of the classical painting of previous centuries. Their paintings represent scenes of the people’s daily life. They paint landscapes, customs and portraits.

Mythological themes refer to tradition and legends.

The Seville School of Fine Arts was founded in 1857. The school’s artists received commissions to decorate the houses of the people of the time.

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